Mr. PPM Gunneweg, MSc, BSc, BA 

I am a well established senior consultant and expert in Public Health System Strengthening (HSS), governance in health and decentralised health management. I have 25 years of an all-round working experience as manager, team-leader, advisor and evaluator in developing and transitional countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Apart from expertise in the field of public health I offer knowledge and experience in public administration and management of socio-economic development programs and humanitarian assistance. In addition I bring along vast experience in working with government agencies, international NGOs, Faith-based and civil society organizations at national, regional and local level. I have extensive experience in initiating and managing successful public-private-partnerships with philanthropic organizations, research institutions and universities that turned out successful. I have worked within large development programs funded through bilateral and multilateral sources. I posses ample skills and experience in program formulation, management, communication, reporting and financial administration and have build-up specialist knowledge in these areas indicated by a proven record of successful management and delivery of technical support in the areas of health system strengthening, health policy development, governance, organizational development as well as leadership transformation, public-private-partnerships and civil society support. I am an entrepreneurial self-starter with a track record of leading and building organizations and empowering teams of local and international professionals. Finally it is worth to note that I have a proven track-record in executing and overseeing impact evaluations of health sector programs and projects at national, regional, local level.